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We recruit, place and train a new generation of Motivated, Inspired and Resilient Sales Professionals

We focus on the recruitment, placement and training of emerging sales talent.

We motivate graduates by providing them with the tools and opportunities to have a bright, exciting future in sales.

Drive and determination are must-have traits for successful salespeople, so we look for high levels of resilience in all of our graduates.

Through training and development, our trainees are inspired to enhance their skill sets and learn sales techniques that are tried and tested across multiple markets and geographies.


This is our 

What's yours?

Time and time again, we have witnessed first-hand how the transactional process of recruitment can fail both future sales talent and growing organisations alike. As a result, we knew the end-to-end process of onboarding and developing sales professionals deserved a fresh approach. 

A CV only tells part of the story. We uncover intrinsic motivations, inspired thinking and ingrained resilience in our trainees. We combine this with industry-leading sales training to develop and grow individuals who we are confident will add value to your bottom line.


In the current economic climate, organisations look to their sales teams to generate new business and help them scale. MIRABLE identify and place new talent with the passion, drive and determination to enable your business to thrive.

After speaking with Mirable, I realised I was missing out by not considering a career in sales. It's been an amazing journey!

Meet the people behind MIRABLE


Russ Beswick

Co-Founder & Training Lead

Russ is an award-winning, CIPD-qualified trainer with over 16 years of experience across a range of commercial sectors. 


Whilst working at Pareto Law, he worked on many L&D assignments; from influencing hospitality workers to maximise order values, to developing methods to sell high-value medical devices in the cost-conscious health sector.


A computer scientist at heart, Russ has worked with clients such as Avaya, BT, Ericsson, and Virgin Media. He is also highly experienced in the Technology Recruitment sector. He spent nine years in the industry as Operations & Training Director at ConSol Partners, a leading International Agency. Russ embedded L&D practices alongside aggressive growth plans at ConSol, supporting four locations (London, Berlin, Los Angeles & Austin.) His structured L&D programmes and scalable approach contributed to ConSol’s acquisition by a PLC, which completed in 2020.


Russ believes that everyone deserves the best opportunity to succeed and as a result develops high-energy sales, commercial and leadership training at all levels for MIRABLE. He draws on his experience to ensure each session is pragmatic and relevant in today’s volatile climate.


Contact Russ:


Miriam Belizidia-Carroll

Co-Founder & Client Lead

Miriam is passionate about changing the reputation of the sales industry.

With over 17 years experience in graduate recruitment and development, she spent most of her career as Business Development Director at Pareto Law. Her forte has always been identifying junior talent and watching them grow into sales superstars! 


Once named "New Biz Miz", Miriam's real strengths lie in identifying and winning new business. She has been awarded multiple accolades over the years, with her career highlight to date being named salesperson of the year after personally billing £700,000.

Miriam truly believes that, in sales, you need pure determination, drive and grit; you need a reason why you are doing something so challenging day in, day out.


Miriam was inspired by her Dad running his own business and watching him push himself constantly to be the best. She exemplifies these traits and wants to give her two children the same opportunity for success:

This is her daily motivation to be at the top of her game!


Contact Miriam:

Between us...


graduates placed


retention rate


learners trained globally


of trainees rated sessions as 'Excellent'

We have impacted the lives of over 5000 young people in training, developing and placing them into exciting sales careers. 

Over 30 years combined experience in the Recruitment & B2B Sales industries

Worked together for the market-leading graduate recruitment agency, Pareto Law, placing and training sales graduates across the UK and Europe
Have helped businesses scale and inspired greater success; with assignments covering solutions from blue collar sales in high volume, low margin environments, to bespoke technology solutions with highly complex sales cycles and high margin gains

What's new?

Visit our blog for all our latest white papers, a great insight for sales professionals into our industry, challenges, opportunities and more.

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